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When I was young I used to go to work with my dad and I would spend hours shaping and moulding concrete into sea creatures and animals. He spent years teaching me about the construction side of art, in our shed and always let me know that being a girl didn't have limits to what I could achieve.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by creative, artistic people my whole life.

My mother is a woman who can do anything and was a wonderful role model for showing me what women are capable of. My childhood best friend fuelled my creative imagination and my sisters & aunts are wizards at textiles and mosaics.

I have a loving husband and two gorgeous children who are the absolute driving force behind everything I do and encourage me to pursue my goals.

I love working with Timber and have recently started wood turning.

I want to create art, I want to make people 'feel' when they see my art. Its not about anything but creating. I do it because I love it, its my passion. I am a tactile person, addicted to texture. This love of texture is where my art has stemmed from, I want to create touchable, textural art that draws your fingertips in to caress.

If you have a look through my MADE tab you'll see that its not only shell pieces I make, I love creating various things, with diverse mediums and enjoy a good challenge.

Working on different pieces, coming up with something really unique that captures the essence of the media is my passion, brainstorming and working together with my clients to make their vision come to life.